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22nd MARCH 2024

Thank You Emcee’s!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum
Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh dan Salam

Salam Malaysia Madani
And a very good morning. 

1. Thank you for the warm welcome to the launch of CelcomDigi Metaversity™.

2. I am delighted to participate in this initiative, which provides a significant advantage for universities to explore various possibilities with new technologies on the metaverse.

3. Metaverse is one of the latest buzzwords in technology today. But it is impressive to know that this term has travelled from the pages of a science- fiction novel in 1990s to today’s driving technology and digital reality.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

4. A nation’s progress is tied to the quality of education and the opportunity to learn for our students.

5. The 21st century has witnessed a massive digital transformation that touches almost every aspect of our lives, more significantly the aspect of education.

6. I am sure you would agree when I say, technology today is redefining or refining the rules of teaching and learning.

7. Adopting innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) in transforming educational methodologies, would not only equip our students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills but also keep us at pace with the global development.

8. For instance, in a virtual medical training, VR enables medical students to engage in life-like simulations that replicate actual surgeries or medical procedures. This provides the opportunity to learn in a risk-free environment.

9. For example, the interactive and immersive learning experiences used in a robotic arm installation learning, gives a hands-on approach for students that not only enhances their understanding but also prepares them for the demands of an increasingly automated workforce.


Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

10. Today, we are all here to see the impact of a strategic partnership between CelcomDigi and several local universities in creating a unique and immersive learning environment via the metaverse university – known as the CelcomDigi Metaversity™.

11. Metaverse, as we know is a virtual shared space that combines the aspects of social interaction, gaming, business and even shopping, with the use of AR and VR.

12. It has the potential to revolutionise our education system, transform our classrooms to a technologically advanced learning environment that is futuristic.

13. Among others, the metaverse education can bring:
• Accessibility to rich educational resources for our students and universities, and opportunities to collaborate with their peers from around the world.
• An immersive learning environment via virtual campuses and labs using simulations that can enhance the learning process.
• New skills to equip our students and be ready for the future job market through simulations for job training and skill development.
• Enhanced inclusivity and diversity where a virtual learning space can accommodate different learning abilities.

14. I applaud CelcomDigi and its partners for introducing this opportunity for our students, enabling them to innovatively create solutions for the future across numerous fields of study.

15. I applaud CelcomDigi and its partners for introducing this opportunity for our students, enabling them to innovatively create solutions for the future across numerous fields of study.

16. I was informed that today, students from six universities will showcase their use cases that can be beneficial for various industries like healthcare, engineering, robotics, cybersecurity and more.

17. I’m excited to know more about these use cases and see how each of these ideas can support our aspiration to become a digital nation.


Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

18. A robust education system will also ensure that values of good citizenship and leadership will be instilled as the foundation in our young generation. As we compete to be on par with technological advancement, it is important that we do not lose sight of our fundamental human values.

19. While AI and all the latest technologies can undoubtedly enhance our learning experiences, it is the human touch that fosters empathy, compassion and social cohesion. We have many academicians here today – you play a crucial role in nurturing our students to become socially responsible and ethical citizens.

20. We must strike a balance between embracing technology and nurturing humanity, so that we are able to use the power of innovation for the greater good of the society.

21. This will ensure that our education system powered by innovative technology can produce a well-rounded generation that is both compassionate and progressive.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

22. As you heard earlier, the Ministry of Higher Education and CelcomDigi will be establishing a collaboration today, in effort to drive the adoption and implementation of innovative metaverse, Extended Reality (XR) and AI learning and education solutions. With this collaboration many more higher learning institutions in Malaysia including polytechnics, community colleges and private universities can work with CelcomDigi to explore opportunities with 5G and its enabling technologies.

23. This is a great example of how the collaboration between the government and the private sector in technology innovation can drive progress and prepare the future workforce for the digital economy.

24. This collaboration will create a synergistic and sustainable ecosystem such as curriculum design, research, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and innovation management and at the same time, supporting human capital development, and social economic growth.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

25. I am optimistic about the potential outcomes of CelcomDigi Metaversity™ initiative for students, the education sector, and the nation as a whole.

26. I also encourage more industry players to take up the mandate of revolutionising our education system, bringing it to the next level.

Thank you.

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