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Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

dr mohd zabri
nama cdo BI


  1. Leading digitization initiatives in ministries/agencies through the use of data, analytics and digital technology;
  2. Create data-driven culture in the public sector that practices a principle-based approach through the use of data and digital technology;
  3. Transforming the delivery of digital services in ministries/agencies focused on customer experience based on the Whole-of-Government concept through innovation involving data sharing, open data and emerging technologies;
  4. Assess, coordinate, certify digital service requirements, Technical Service Design and development budgets as well as manage agencies as implementers of digitization initiatives and projects;
  5. Leading change through the Alignment of the Digitalization Strategic Plan (PSP) of the Ministry/State/Agency with:
    1. Ensure agency PSP is in line with Public Sector PSP and Risk Management and Change Management Plan;
    2. Ensure the agency's Enterprise Architecture (EA) blueprint is available; and
    3. Strengthen the agency's digitization governance structure & coordinate the use of policies, standards and global best practices.
  6. Report the implementation and progress of digitalization transformation to The Chief Secretary of State as Chairman of the Government Cluster under the Digital Economy Council and 4IR through the government cluster secretariat.
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